Since founded in 1923, "devotion with heart and co-prospering" has been our motto at Okubo Ltd. Through the paper recycling business, we have been dedicating ourselves to the development of our society. Now in the 21st century, environmental issue is becoming the core problem of our society; both the corporate social responsibility and legal ordinances are becoming more prominent in keeping things greener, from generation and recycling of wastes to even security measures of confidential data from businesses.
At Okubo, we are making the best of our vast experience in apt recycling of resources to cope with rapidly changing needs to keep devoting us to the society. As the leading company of paper cycling industry, we intend to keep propelling our social responsibility and hope to sustain your trust and assurance in us.

Sales of paper stock

  • Processing of confidential documents
  • Obliteration of information media

Old paper processing (newspaper, magazine, cardboard etc)

  • On-site shredding and dissolution of confidential documents
  • Obliteration of information media