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Media Data Deletion Service (RDV-ZERO)

When abolishing or returning the owned/leased computers, all contained data need to be deleted. Otherwise there is a great risk in leakage of private and confidential information out of the hard disk. On 29 September 2006, "Guideline of Information Security Policy in the Regional Municipals" has been revised; it states that the system administrators must delete all data contained in the memory devices of all computers to the status in which it is unable to recover the data in anyway upon abolishing or returning the owned/leased computers. Before the law went into the effect, such procedure was left to be conducted by the computer leasing companies.

At Okubo, we delete unnecessary confidential and private information data left in the media to be disposed or returned. The subject media includes HDD, MT. CMT, Video tapes, ZIP, MD, DAT etc. We delete 100% of the data in short period of time; verification of deletion of data is done and a deletion certificate is issued upon completion of the task. We provide very secure and assured service.

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Advantages of RDV-ZERO Service

ZERO Leak RiskZERO-Mobile is developed exclusive for media deletion. It is the first mobile data deletion vehicle in Japan. All data are deleted and verified in front of you. If it is not an option to bring out the media, we go into your office with our equipment; we can delete the data within your premises. There will be Zero risk in leakage of the data.
ZERO WasteWe buy up the processed computers. If these computers are out of order, we take out usable parts and materials for recycle, wasting Zero resource. It is a positive encouragement to any eco-friendly companies, at the same time you pay Zero on legal disposal charge.
ZERO EffortLeave the dismantling of the equipments to us. Our experienced staff will take out the hard disk. Please inquire us for detail. We will leave you with Zero effort.
ZERO Time to WasteNormally, deletion of data takes vast amount of time. Onsite Zero using our equipment completely deletes the data contained in the magnetic media at rate of ten 3.5inch hard disks in 3 minutes. If the hard disk is difficult to be taken out of the PC, we delete the hard disk still installed. Verification of the task is done on site, wasting Zero time.
ZERO WorriesThe weakness of data deletion in a magnetic media is that you cannot see it. For further assurance, we can physically destroy the equipment by disassembling and deforming with high pressure on site, enabling the material for recycle. Zero worries left to you.
ZERO Limit of MediaCompatible with all magnetic memory media. Zero limit on the media type.