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Environment policy/ Private information policy

Environment Policy

Principal Policy

Okubo Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of our roll in our society as a resource recycler, and to be assertively active in dedicating itself to the humanity for preservation of environment, always with our motto of "devoting with heart and co-prospering"

Basic Policy

  1. We devote to preservation of global environment by expanding our paper recycle activity
  2. We recognize our roll in preservation of the ecological world and decisively participate in reduction of environmental load.
    • We put our effort on more efficient and less use of electric and other energy resources.
    • We put our effort on separation of paper material types to increase the quality of recycling and reduce the amount of waste.
  3. We constantly check, train, and exercise our action, for safety of our operation, and to prevent polluting the environment.
  4. We always obey the laws and regulation on environment, respect and value the voices of the clients, neighboring residents and our industry on your environmental conducts.
  5. To achieve our environmental policy, we set an objective goal, recurrently revise it and continuously improve the environmental management system.
  6. This environmental policy is to be thoroughly informed to every employee to progress on recognition of the importance. The policy is publicly disclosed at all times.

1st September 2005
Okubo Co., Ltd.
Nobutaka Okubo, Representative Director

Policy on Private Information Protection

Private Information Protection Policy

Okubo Co., Ltd. (the "company" hereunder) recognizes the importance of the protection of private information; the information entrusted by our customers and information of our employee etc. (the "private information" hereunder) are aptly protected, and in order for our customer who commission us to abolish and destroy the documents including the private information to have an assurance, we continuously pursue the appropriate handling and management of our task.

  1. Collection and use of the private information
    The private information the company has collected are limited on its use to the necessary range, the purpose of collection and usage is disclosed and appropriately collected, and except for the cases of decree of the court of the law, the private information collected will not be used or provided outside the range of the consent obtained at the time of its collection.
  2. Handling of the private information
    When there is private information contained in the documents collected for the purpose of disposal, we handle the documents in the way contracted with the customer in order to avoid any loss or leak.
  3. Thorough consensus of the protection of the private information
    We define the handling of the private information in writing and carry out education and training amongst all directors and employees of the company in order for everyone in the company to recognize the importance and to reserve the security in handling of the private information.
  4. Correction of the private information
    We promptly comply when requested by the holder of the private information to disclose, correct, modify the range of disclosure, or to delete the information,.
  5. Strictness and security of the private information
    We appoint management personnel and define the rules on handling of the private information and take security measures against the risk of unlawful access, loss, damage, alteration, and leak of the private information.
  6. Observance of the laws
    We observe the laws and regulations of the private information and establish appropriate management policy and make consistent effort in revising and improving.

21st March2005
Okubo Co., Ltd.
Nobutaka Okubo, Representative Director

We use the customer's private information under the following purpose.

  1. In provision of the service requested
  2. To introduce information of our service
  3. In order to accurately comply with customers not within 1,2 above
  4. For improvement in provision of our service and to develop new services
  5. For questionnaire survey in direct mail and email

For any other use, we request the customer's prior consent.

Notice to our customers

Notice in regard to recycle of conventional used papers
In conventional paper recycling, our presupposition is that no private information is contained in the supply; under the following guideline, our business is conducted.

General Policy on Paper Recycling

  1. When we receive our supply of recycling paper from our customers, we put our best effort to eliminate the unwanted rejects to recycle for the highest quality paper material.
  2. We never use the collected papers for any other purpose but recycling.
  3. We issue a certificate of paper recycling stating the product name, amount and reception date upon request. The certificate is managed in serial number.
  4. We observe the laws and regulation of paper recycling, monitor for appropriate conduct of our task, and consistently revise and improve our business.

21st March2005
Okubo Co., Ltd.
Nobutaka Okubo, Representative Director

For any inquiries on our effort on private information, please contact Kaoru Okubo Esq.