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First from separation

The following 4 methods are recommended for separation of office papers. (For separation at home, please contact your local municipal)

  • Newspaper (including ads)
  • Cardboard papers
  • Documents and copy papers with black and white prints
  • Other Old Papers Old magazines and brochure, Color copy paper, and envelopes, snack wrappings etc.


Things that are not supposed to be in the collected old papers are called Rejection. Please be carefull that rejects are not included in the old papers you dispose.

Rejection (A)

Materials unrelated to the paper making material and may cause major damage by being mixed with.

  • Stone, glass, metal, soil, wood chips
  • Plastics
  • Resin paper, perchiment paper, cloth
  • Perfume paper, paper will smell
  • Tarpaulin paper, waxed paper, plaster board etc
  • Sublimation paper(Printing paper, iron print paper), thermal foam paper, synthetic resin paper,non-woven fabric
  • Paper that had contact with medical infectious waste
  • Any other material that may damage the process of paper manufacturing

Rejection (B)

Materials not prefered to be mixed in when processing a paper

  • Carbon paper
  • Non-carbon paper
  • Resin coated or laminated paper with vinyl or polyethylene resin
  • Thermal paper
  • Adhessive tapes (excluding tapes adhessed on cardboard)
  • Any other materials not suitable for paper production