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Types of Old Paper

Newspaper (ONP:News De-ink Quality)Magazines (SMP;Soft Mixed Paper)
Old newspapers (and ad papers) from home, office, and othersOld magazines, books (incl. unsold and returned) from home, office, bookstores etc
Cardboard (OCC;Corrugated Containers)Old plane papers (HWS;Hard White Shavings)
CardboardOld plane papers
Cardboard papers generated from factories and city streetsOld papers generated from paper factories and printing factories and shops having no prints on
Imitation paper (WL;White Ledger)Color papers (CL;Colored Ledger)
Imitation paperColor papers
Old paper with black ink Color papers including art paper
Office documents (SOP;Sorted Office Paper)Shredded papers (OP;Office Pack)
Office documentsShredded papers
Used papers generated from office documents, unbound, some with prints Paper run through shredders
Milk Carton
Milk Carton
Generated mainly from home (excluding papers with aluminum layer)

We take in many other kinds of old papers, old cloth and glass bins and cans.