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Confidential document processing
Dissolution Process Service

The most secure and assured system of confidential document elimination is to abolish the documents on site; however, due to problems in the volume or even availability of a parking space, sometimes it may not be an apt option.

In our dissolution process service, the packages containing confidential documents are never opened to keep the confidentiality, then brought to the special plant (of a paper company) and completely dissolved for recycling. In order to provide an assurance to our clients, equivalent of the onsite RDV service, we introduced the dissolution process service with verification of the time and location during the transportation.

This new service of ours will append further assurance to the keeping of confidentiality to the documents containing important information, and has been awarded the Innovative Business Management by the Metropolitan Government of Tokyo in March 2010.

At the Dissolution Plant

The place recycling process is conducted is located within a structure having an exclusive facility for processing of confidential documents. The structure is completely closed off with a mechanical door placed on the vehicle entrance/exit. The procedure steps are not viewable from outside, either.

Not to get mixed up with a vehicle of other companies, only a single completely sheltered truck enters the secluded facility at one time. A fork lift or hands are used to carry each package onto a conveyor without being unpacked. They are directly dropped into a pulper (dissolution furnace). It is possible for the client to observe the whole process to confirm the completion of the task.

There is an observation room available within the facility to watch the process and to monitor the interior of furnace in use.


Advantages of Time/Location Verified Dissolution Service

ConfidentialityThe packages are picked up at the client's office, directly transported to the plant, then immediately dissolved.
AssuranceTime and place is verified with GPS.
Cost SavingIt is less expensive than onsite DRV needing no large shredder truck.
Short Process TimeAll needed is to pack the documents. No wastes left behind
EasyThe binders and metal clips don't need to be removed in dissolution service. During the process of dissolution, non-paper materials are completely separated and also recycled.
Space SavingConfidential documents with expired retention period are nothing but waste. Remove those documents and make extra space available for the business.
Certificate IssuedWork certificate with location and time verified photo images and a dissolution certificate are issued.