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Confidential document processing
Onsite RDV Service

Since the Law of Personal Information Protection went into effect in April 2005, handling of private information of the company and individual has become more discreet than ever. In an event a leak of this information is discovered, there is a risk not only to devalue the company brand and lose the customers' assurance, but also a risk of being sued for damage compensation.

To avoid such situation, we can completely abolish and eliminate your confidential documents containing private information. Our staff will visit you directly, brining a large shredding machine, and abolish your documents completely onsite at the speed of 600kg/hr (150,000 letter size pages). The result is quite articulate and exceptionally fast.

The process is conducted onsite; the content of the work can be confirmed on site, and it will not disrupt your daily business. A certificate of the obliteration is issued onsite upon completion of the process. The shredded paper is compressed, packed and brought to a paper factory to be dissolved; the confidential information and data are completely eliminated.

We have been awarded the nationwide ISO27001 on Onsite RDV first in Japan. Our complete protection of confidentiality is accredited nationally.

Onsite RDV Service

ConfidentialityConfidential documents are clarified and processed onsite
AssuranceThere've been numerous incidents with no-more-wanted confidential documents. With our RDV system, we can stop those incidents from happening by abolishing the papers inside our vehicle onsite in your location.
Cost savingYou will need not any extra facility, labor, transportation and waste disposal. We will do all for you.
Shorter processing time600kg of confidential documents are shredded into indecipherable pieces within an hour, much faster than processing on your own.
Easy to orderJust a necessary amount, when you need it. We are only a phone call away.
Space savingConfidential documents with expired retention period are nothing but waste. Remove those documents and make extra space available for the business.
Certificate of ObliterationA certificate of obliteration of the confidential documents is issued onsite upon completion of the process.
Certificate of Resource RecycleShredded and indecipherable documents are recycled as a resource for making new paper. A certificate of resource recycle is issued onsite upon completion of the process.
Assurance of ISO27001 Our onsite RDV Service vehicles are awarded with nationwide ISO27001, the first of its kind in Japan. You'll be assured of the result of our work backed by apt staff training and vast experience in paper shredding business.

RDV to arrive
Confidential Documents
Shredded inside RDV
600kg/hr processing speed
shredded into 1cm x 5cm pieces
Process certificate issued on site