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Company Summary

NameOkubo Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeNobutaka Okubo, Representative Director
Establishment5 September 1967
CapitalJPN YEN 88 million
BusinessSales of raw material for paper and packages,Sales of western and Japanese paper, Industrial waste disposal and all related businessGeneral freight transportation, Shredding and elimination of confidential documents and data, Sales and acquisition of used office equipments
Employee75 (as of May 2014)
DirectorsNobutaka Okubo, Representative Director
Kaoru Okubo, Managing Director
Shigetoshi Nakagawa, Director
Sadaji Abe, Director
Masaru Igarashi, Director
Teiji Abe, Director
Primary Trading CompaniesRengo Ltd., Oji Paper Ltd., Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Ltd., Nippon Paper Ltd., and many others
Primary Trading BanksMizuho Bank Minowa Branch, Shoko Chukin Bank Ueno Branch, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Senju Branch
OfficeHQ, HQ warehouse, Toda Paper Center, Tama Paper Center Fuchu, Musashino Paper Center, Takesato Paper Stock Center, Tama paper Center Akishima, Tohoku Paper Center, Nigata Paper Center, Zama Paper Center
SubsidiariesTohoku Shigyo Ltd., Okubo Tokai Ltd., Hokuetsu Shigen Ltd. Sankyo Recycling Ltd.
Permits/LicensesWaste recycling business certificate
: Metropolitan Government of Tokyo #12,13,14
: Prefecture of Saitama V-1, I-4
Industrial waste collection and transportation business permit
: Metropolitan Government of Tokyo 13-00-040547
: Prefecture of Saitama 1101040547
: Prefecture of Kanagawa 01402040547
: Prefecture of Niigata 1509040547
: City of Niigata 5902040547
: Prefecture of Miyagi 0400040547
General paper recycling facility Permit 27
Waste material suppliers export license A392040891
ISO14001 JQA-EM5263
ISO27001 IQA-IMO595F
Secondhand dealer permit 306660708866
Metropolitan Government of Tokyo Innovative Managing of Business Certified 1009
AssociationsPaper Recycling Promotion Center,
National Federation of Commerce and Raw Materials For Paper,
Direct delivery of Commerce and Industry Association Kanto Raw Materials For Paper,
Tokyo Cooperative Raw Materials For Paper